I was never really encouraged to become an artist. It was not "a real job" in my culture, in my family. Yet, it sustained me during my marriage and my pregnancy. It sustained me when I moved to Denmark. But I still could not see it as a profession. 

But I had students, and clients, and  I realized that age, emotions and maturity played an important role in my craft.

Drawing was for me my personal challenge each time I discovered a new medium, but most of all, my meditation, my time away from the world.

I aspire to live from my craft, to design textiles, to bring joy with portraits and paintings. Bring beauty, emotions, vibrance and passion in every possible way I can. I can only hope you found me for a reason and you will open doors for my art to go through.

My daughter got the bug and is drawing -a different style- so we are both featured here, in ball point pen.