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Nicole Forup
NICOLE FORUP aka LILI or Fornico.
- Copywriter, columnist and author.
- Teacher and Lecturer.
- Voice artist and former singer.

Photo Patrick Johal

Hi, there, thank you for showing interest in my work.

I started my career at 23, via a television network. I organized produced and presented talent shows, raised awareness for climate change before it was a thing, and tried to help strays.

I studied singing in London, Athens and worked in said countries and  Denmark. I studied psychology but dropped out, then reflexology, Bowen therapy.

I blogged my troubles away after my divorce, actively raising awareness on sexual misconduct, work harassment and my blog was a beacon that opened a door to journalism. I was offered several positions as a researcher and columnist for several magazines and sites.

I dabbled with event planning, which combined all my creative resources and I loved it. 

Upon coming to Denmark I became a lecturer/ teacher and continued my career in voice acting, writing. I worked for North Media, published several books, namely with Lindhardt and Ringhof, and sold some paintings in passing. I never really studied in a school for my crat, I was just passionate, inquisitive, willing to learn, and not afraid to start over.  

I am involved with Blessing bags Copenhagen for the homeless, created events for the Blind society in Denmark, and the Deaf Society in Greece. During the COVID 19 crisis, I teamed up with Nicki Just to bring news in audio recorded on my phone, in 3 languages to ex-pats in Denmark.

I administer several groups and pages on Facebook and I long to seek my teeth into something new to learn and accomplish, I am bored out of my witts and am open to offers.



Telephone | 0045 42700052


Mail| nicoleforup@mail.com


Therapy site| www.lbow.dk

Teaching site| www.badassteaching.com

Art shop |isketch.dk