General recap.

Let's make a general recap of what you learned, and let's see how much you remember.

Here is the book

So I started making a book with my method, but, after doing and redoing the art, I gave up, in a way. If you follow this site by now (...

It is mine I tell you!

The possessive is affected by the subject's gender, NOT the person in possession, see the example below.

The C and G sound

The C and G letters combined with vowels, give us different sounds. If you learn this little trick, you will never make a mistake again.

The articles

Feminine and masculine articles rule in French. They dictate the adjectives and the whole meaning of a sentence. I always tell my...

The places

A video about in, behind, in front, under etc

The verbs 2

Indeed many verbs ending in IR exist in the 3 group, and that is the way to set them apart. But more on that on a later date. What you need

The verbs

The bad thing about the 3d group, is that you have to learn them by heart. The good thing is that they have subdivisions.

The letter I and U

For they Danish, I is fine but U is Y ( oh yeah) For the Greek, U is also a problem and you will need to practice.

The letter O

On, ou, and Oi Not to be confused with an or au for the first ones. ( the videos may have bad words, it is not suitable for

The letter E

the Letter E is sometimes replacing the letter A in certain combinations such as AI - EI or AN -EN or AIN -EIN

Why pronunciation is key

This is what it is CRUCIAL, that we learn the 4-6 sounds that are created out of 10 to 12 combinations. That way, knowing how to pronounce