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The verbs 2

First let's see if you got the first part correctly.

Je mang... toujours des oeufs le matin. Ma fille mang.. a la cantine de l'ecole, des pattes, du riz et une salade avec un fruit pour dessert. Mes autres enfants parl... quand ils mang... mais je m'assur... qu'ils ont des snacks tout le long de la journee.

I always eat eggs in the morning. My daughter eats to the school cafeteria, pasta, rice and a salad, with a fruit for desert. My other children talk while they eat but I make sure that they have snacks the whole day through. ( free translation)

Even if you do not know the verbs, you should be able to put the right endings to them as they are of the first group.

How did you do, let me know in the comments, and ask me to correct you if you want that.

2nd group endings have the same principle as the first.

Je ................is


Is ................it


Vous ...........issez


So this means

Je finis

Tu finis

Il finit

Nous finissons

Vous finissez

Ils finissent.

I put the second person of the plural in red, as he will be a beacon in the future to find out how to conjugate other tenses. But for now you need to see that the double s ( ss) is what makes this verb, one of the second group.

Indeed many verbs ending in IR exist in the 3 group, and that is the way to set them apart. But more on that on a later date.

What you need to know, for now is that the second group verbs have these endings.

Here are some verbs to exercise: Refroidir, bannir, saisir, rougir, emplir, surgir.

Have fun!

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